Monday, March 30, 2015

Nundle stitching day

Lots of fun and laughter at our Lynette Anderson workshop day,oh i miss these girls already,such a wonderful group of friends.
cheers shez xx

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gail Pan and Ramona Hermann workshop

 We were so lucky to be able to attend a wonderful workshop yesterday and catch up with lots of gorgeous friends,this is how our tables looked when we came in .
 And these were in our goodie bags
 And we were also lucky to see these gorgeous projects made up.
 This is the one that i started on.
 We were spoilt with 4 beautiful patterns

And this is how much i got done for the day .
Hope you are all having a wonderful day
cheers shez xx

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gail Pan Sew Along

 I have linked up with Martina this month for Gail Pans sew along,to see what the other ladies made go here and thankyou Martina for hosting this fun sew along.
 This month i made the Bloom pin cushion ,the pattern is out of Gail's book Patchwork loves Embroidery
 It is to go with the bag that i made last month which is out of the same book.

I am off to a Gail Pan and Ramona Hermann workshop with my friends today,i am so looking forward to this.
cheers shez xx

Friday, March 27, 2015

Awesome Marilyn

 How lucky was i to get Marilyn's swap gift and it can be worn around your neck,this is such an awesome idea,you are very clever Marilyn.
 The pattern is in the process of being written up,i think this wonderful chatelaine  set is gorgeous and very practical.
 So be on the lookout for when Marilyn puts this pattern out to purchase.
I got pulled up at the airport because i had scissors in my case,oops they were confiscated and passed over to Chez,thank goodness she was still there,lol,she likes to make sure i get on the plane,she looks out for me,you are an awesome friend Chez
 I bought these lovely patterns and buttons at the stitching day.
 And these are some lovely fabrics i bought at Kerry's Cottage on the Hill,love the Raspberry Parlour and couldnt resist the aqua birds.
 How lucky am i i got this very pretty address book from JoJo,thankyou JoJo and this pretty pink bag i got in the Lynette Anderson swap on stitching day.
cheers Shez xx

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Friday afternoon -Chooky's Make it,Bake it or Fake it swap

 Everyone handed in a gift and chooky stuck a number on the parcel ,then chooky went around with a bag of numbers ,and the number that you pulled out you got the parcel that it matched,lots of fun.
 Some wine and spirits might have been consumed at this event,lol.
 How funny is Lea with her lovely gift she received from the swap.
 There might've been lots of pics taken and look at the lovely bag that Jenny got in the swap.
 Dory got a lovely caramel slice which we enjoyed on a few accasions with a cuppa and Mr Dory was so glad she bought some home for him,lol.
 Peg was very excited with her lovely gift of a hexie pin cushion.and Dale loved her pretty tin ful of goodies and Fee still taking selfies,lol.
 Love the bag Susan received and Marilyn got some lovely mug wraps and not sure what De got and Dawn got a lovely block holder.
 Fee received my swap parcel and Teresa got a very cute mushroom,Lynda scored a lamp and Kate got a gorgeous project bag.
 Anita is very happy with her gift and JoJo loved hers from Chooky and how gorgeous is this frame that Kerri received it was made by Chooky.

We had a lot of fun and laughs and then we headed up to Mt Misery for a seafood buffet and it was yummy.

Cheers shez xx

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shopping in Nundle

 We did a spot of shopping on the Friday and lunch at the hotel.

Lol i have trouble with Chez climbing poles now i have trouble with Deb jumping on every broom she see's,lol,these girls are so much fun.
 Arrh we spotted De in town also and Mick Janice's husband,and i found the lovely Susan, i also found a little dog laying in the doorway of the antique shop.
 Then we went out to Kerry's shop cottage on the hill ,to add to our stash.
 Lots of friends also shopping in here,lots of noise,everyone excited to see each other.
 Gorgeous friends,love them all.
 Lots of discussion over patterns and fabrics,serious business here.
 Lol who let Deb in here, love this crazy chick,lol.
And look at Dory as we pulled away from Cottage on the hill,think Chez was worried that Deb or i was going to run off with her new purchases,lol,she cracks me up,such a fun day.
cheers shez xx

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

On Our Way to Nundle

 We had the lovely Deb travel up with us to Nundle.
We stopped at Scone for a cuppa,lol crazy Chez is doing some painting with a pastry brush,lol,the toilet key was tied onto a pastry brush,i suppose so that the cafe didnt lose the key.
In Scone there were lots of metal horse sulptures.
Here is Deb and Chez waiting for there cuppas.
We had the best fun driving up and back together,lots of laughing between Chez and Deb they are both so funny,miss you girls already .
 We pulled up at the Nundle hotel at about 1/4 past 12,lots of hugs and laughter.
 It was so good to meet old friends and to make new friends.
I had such an awesome few days with such awesome friends,cant wait till next year.
 It was so good to catch up with the Brisbane girls so soon after LGS.
Hope you all have a wonderful day xx