Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Penny Rug

I finished this wool blend felt Penny rug early this morning,i had a lot of fun putting this together,its taken awhile,it has 54 circles sewn around,28 doubles,lol,glad i had a go cutter.

Now i can start on my next wool felt project which is a xmas banner ,so i hope to get  some pieces cut out today.

This is the book that i got the pattern out of it is a lovely book by Cleo And Me and is called Quick & Easy Penny Rugs and can be gotten from here for $14.44

This is the one i made a couple of  years ago out of it and now lives with Cheryll.
I hope you all have a lovely day.
cheers shez xx

Monday, August 31, 2015

My Etui is now Finished

 I have finally finished the flowers on the outside of my Etui and put the ribbons on,this is a lovely pattern by Becca LoGiudice called Wool Etui and is in the Nov/Dec '07 mag of Quiltmaker,and i have teamed it up with a matching tin,i always have to have matching sets of things,lol.
 I hope you all had a lovely weekend,i am feeling much better now,so the antibiotics are doing their job,so glad i have stopped coughing.
cheers shez xx

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Renovations so Far

 Hubby has finished painting the walls and ceiling in the bathroom,think its just the windows that need doing now,and he put the mirror up.
 The laundry has been painted as well,we still have to order the cupboards for here
 Toilet has painted painted too,just waiting for the vinyl to come on Thursday now and then we will be close to finishing.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Please Vote for Molly

If you get a few spare minutes could you please vote on Dogs on Quilts for Christine's furry friend Molly ,Molly is so lovable and loves eating Mel's food.How could you not love this face,lol. to vote for Molly she is no 43 dog on a quilt and go here to vote it would make her mum Christine very happy if she won

I got in to see the Drs yesterday and i was put on antibiotics and went and had chest xrays and a chest expansion test and next week i go for a full blood test so i should be a new woman before you know it,lol, and thankyou Ondrea i went into town this morning and got some probiotics from the chemist.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend 
cheers shez xx

Friday, August 28, 2015


Thankyou everyone for your lovely words of comfort yesterday they warmed my heart, i just hope the person backs off now and starts enjoying life.

 I have been working on my second live,laugh block,just need to put the berries on now.

 I was to buy these books of my lovely friend Kim,but she wouldnt take any money,so we came to a compromise a chip chip muffin and a latte,think i got the better deal,lol,thankyou my lovely friend.

Nothing much happening as i am quite sick again,my mum thinks i have whooping cough,my buddy Barb has talked me into going to the Dr so i am hoping to get in today,so i had to put off taking dad to Portarlington,he was disappointed but hopefully i will come good and i might be able to take him down during the week,before my sister leaves to walk the Camino trail in Spain.
hope you all have a wonderful day.
cheers shez xx

Thursday, August 27, 2015


I have thought over writing this long and hard and how to put it without upsetting  people.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the blogging world and i love my bloggy friends,but unfortunately sometimes there is a dark side the lurkers and stalkers,now dont get me wrong i love my friends and even newbies coming to my blog for a visit a few times a day thats fine i like that but when you have some people  that  come and visit over 20 times a day and nearly every day it makes you wonder whats going on,i have one stalker that for nearly two years lets me know that she is on my blog,i can handle that and then i have another one that keeps putting spam there,and others that for some reason visit over 20 times everyday and often not even leaving a message i find that strange.

But what has made me extremely angry is when someone tells me what to put on my blog and then the line was crossed when they were replying to a comment that was for me on my blog,i then saw red, i quickly deleted it and replied to the person myself as this is my blog not a group blog or anyone elses blog,this is my happy place and i enjoy my interaction with the people that take the time to comment on my blog, i dont jump up and down when my picture is not on some ones blog,i dont want to be mean or awful but i am letting you know that its not ok  with me to do this.

Through blogging and meeting such wonderful friends i have had the chance to go see and do things that i have never done before,3 years ago i had hardly been outside my country town and thanks to my wonderful blogging friends Cheryll,Cheryl,Sue,Tracee ,my sister Janeen and Christine  i have experienced a bigger world out there, my family call me the Jet setter now,lol.
I am in no way shape or form wanting to run or compete with anyone or anything,i just want to enjoy my time with my friends and family.
All this happening has made me realize that i need to change things  with the social media that i have,and i also need to change the way i blog,either by not putting my life out there for everyone to see and just use it to blog my projects or to make my blog private and share my life with my friends so they are my options that i will ponder on.

I truly treasure my wonderful blogging friends who have helped me grow as a person and who have helped me experience so many wonderful and exciting things and also to my wonderful hubby who encourages me to take part in these experiences as when he retires we hope to be travelling,so he says do it while you can.

On a happier note we have 3 cheeky monkeys shopping in Luccello's,hmm what has Sue got in her hands,lol.

I love these xmas decorations,they looked very old world and are filled with the loveliest smelling xmas potpurri and the recipe for that comes with the pattern,so i ordered the pattern on Monday it was $17.50 and free postage,i also bought the material on Saturday to make these lovely decorations,cant wait to start on them .

The plumber and builder have finished now so we can use the bathroom now,the vinyl will be here next Thursday and hubby is painting on the weekend.
I am feeling pretty ordinary i have the flu back again and i am struggling with my breathing,i dont think the dust has been helping either,i am taking Dad down to my sisters for a few days,so i am looking forward to that.
Cheers Shez xx

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sewing Tin Swap

 Barb and i had a sewing tin swap when we were in Melb Saturday and this is the parcel that i put together for lovely Barb.
 This was such a fun swap and to see the gorgeous tin i got of Barb go here

 I am loving the bread slicer,no more squashed bread,lol,i also use the electric knife,Barb,Anne and i are all having fun at making our own bread.
 The plumber put in the vanity taps and conected the water to the hand basin and he also put in new taps for the laundry trough and washing machine,hubby moved the washing machine in for me as i have 2 weeks of washing to catch up on,lol, and also our IXL light has gone in.
Plumber and builder back tomorrow and both should be finished ,vinyl picked and ordered yesterday and should be here the end of next week,now all we need to do is work out what we want in the way of laundry cupboards and get them ordered,hubby ius staining the front door and starting the painting on the weekend,so we are nearly at the end,i am just glad i can wash the clothes at the moment,lol.
Hope you all have a wonderful wednesday.
cheers shez xx

Oh i nearly forgot Lisa asked me if i would share the details about her next workshop,these days are so much fun ,details below.

y Melissa from One Day in May.
On the day you will be provided with three new patterns from Melissa and from myself as well as kits to start your projects on the day. There is also delectable food all day including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea as well as raffle bags and other goodies!
It is being held at the Monbulk Living and Learning Centre in Monbulk and the cost is $90 for the day.
Mrs Martins Quilt Shop will also be there with lots of goodies to tempt you.
These days are always lots of fun so if you would like to book in either pm me, email me at fignberrycreations@bigpond.com or else phone on 0410 681 544.