Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Winners Gifts are on their Way

 First name that was pulled out was my buddy Mel and she chose the little girl and asked if she could be stitched in pink.
 Second name pulled out was Elyte and she chose the bird and wanted it in red/blue and a touch of orange and asked me to surprise her with the fabric
 Third was JoJo who choose the green and asked for the tree and for it to be stitched in green.
 And the next giveaway Dasha was selected and she chose the angel and for it to be stitched in red.
Hope you ladies like your little gifts and i am thinking on what the next giveaway will be,think i have an idea.
cheers shez xx

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Day with My GD Adie

 My GD Adie and i had a special day on sunday as it was her 7th birthday early in the month and it was the 1st chance we have had to get together.
 With all my GC for their birthdays we spend a day together where i take them out for lunch thier choice where to go and then i give them some money and we go shopping.
 Adie's choice for lunch was McDonalds  and here she is enjoying her chicken wrap and Rio drink.
 Here we are shopping in target and Adie has found the items she wanted to buy,she was very happy and we both spent a lovely day together,i love my Grandies and boy they are all growing up so quick.
cheers shez xx

Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh My a Sale

 I called into Lindcraft and stocked up on my homespun as all their fabrics are 1/2 price at the moment and also a big sale on their wool this ball of wool is to knit a scarf and it cost all of $1.39,i i have saved quite a bit,i wait for their sale every year to stock up on my homespun.
 I also got my french knots done on my Gail Pan mini.
hope you all had a lovely weekend.
cheers shez xx

Sunday, July 20, 2014


 Hooray because i finally got around to making 2 kitchen hand towels for myself they were badly needed.
 And hooray our little Murphy is now walking and thinks he is so clever,he gives himself a clap.
Hope you are all having a great weekend.
cheers shez xx

Saturday, July 19, 2014


  This what i spent last night doing until 1.30 this morning sewing bugle beads on to this march costume,it had to have 2 rows all the way round,now only one more march costume to do and then its onto the next lot,lol,they will certainly keep me busy for the next couple of weeks.
A big thankyou to our hostess Wendy and to see what the other ladies got up to go here.
cheers shez xx

Friday, July 18, 2014

Busy and another winner

 I have done a bit more on my Gail Pan mini,love the fabrics that Cheryl chose for the kits
 Been busy stitching Mel and Jojo's xmas decorations
 i have quite a bit of binding to stitch down on these projects
I am going in with Wendy and all the other ladies in FNSI to sign up go here and a big thankyou to Wendy for hosting this fun night.

I was tickled pink with my response from my xmas decoration tutorial and as another thankyou for all the lovely ladies that took the time to comment and give me words of kindness and encouragement i decided to draw another person to make a xmas decoration for and that lucky lady is no 12 who is Dasha,i will contact you later today Dasha and you can pick which design and fabric and also thread and i will make you one up as soon as i can and keep your eye out cause you never know when the next surprise will happen,lol,i am having way to much fun with this.
cheers shez xx



Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Tutorial on how i make my Xmas Decorations

 This is my 1st time of doing a tutorial so i hope you can all follow my instructions.
First off trace your design and also draw the outline of the size that you want your decoration to be,then i put some lightweight interfacing behind,here i have just used the cheap interfacing from spotlight or you could use weaveline.
 I then put my design into a hoop and choose my threads to match the fabric that is to back the decoration,as Elyte got back to me straight away i started on her decoration and she choose the bird and  the bird  was to be red and blue and to throw in some orange and she left choosing the fabric up to me.
 Once your stitchery is finished cut 1/2" around the outside of the size you want it to be and also cut 2 cutboard shapes to the size that you want your decoration to be.
 I then iron my finished stitchery and then cut a piece out the same size from the backing fabric,i also cut 2 pieces of wadding or pellen the same size as my cardboard shapes,and then put on 2 strips of double sided tape on each cardboard shape and then stick the wadding shapes to it.(i put the wadding onto the lighter side of the cardboard as this is the side that the stitchery goes onto)
sorry blogger playing up with my positioning.

 I then do running stitch around my stitchery and backing and also on the back of the cardboard i put another 2 strips of double sided tape and on one piece of cardboard i put 2 little pieces in the middle at the top
 I then draw up the gathered stitchery and backing and place them over the cardboard with the wadding facing to the inside,adjust your pieces so they are sitting right and the 2 little pieces of double sided tape that was put in the center up the top is where you place your string,cord or ribbon for hanging,pull off remaining tape and push your 2 pieces together.
 Now i stitch my 2 pieces together using glove stitch but you could stitch it any way you want to.
Once stitched together you can leave it like that or stitch on some beading,i have beading by the mt i have had for years.
 And this is the back of the xmas decoration finished and i hope you like this tutorial it is just a little something to say thankyou for being such wonderful friends and followers of my blog and also for taking the time to leave me a comment so that i know you have paid me a visit,i have made so many wonderful friends through the blogging world thanks to Chookyblue.

Enjoy making your xmas decorations and have lots of fun with them,cheers shez xx